AIT MBA Program

AITM MBA Program is focused on participative learning and uses a variety of interactive learning methodologies. Our programs are designed for students to acquire latest management concepts, techniques and tools, but more importantly, to develop academically and practically well versed individuals who have acquired skills for holistic thinking, understanding and appreciating others and leading by example. For this, the curriculum is necessarily interdisciplinary, integrating elements from engineering, economics, social psychology and management fields. It is structured in such a way as to include the integrated components of the school required courses, elective or focus courses, and or an MBA Project or Research Study.

Admission Criteria

Academic diversity is one of the key aspects considered during the admission process, so as to create a class of students (arts/engineering/social sciences etc.) with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. However, during the selection process, the Admission Committee evaluates all the candidates in terms of their:

– Scholastic and intellectual ability
– Personal character and motivation
– Interpersonal skills and leadership potential
– Career performance and managerial potential

Applicant must make sure that all information contained in the application is completely true to the best of their knowledge. Admission offer can be revoked if any information provided during the admission process is found to be false.

Academic Qualification

To be considered for admission, the candidate should hold a bachelor degree (4 years or 3 years with 12 years of schooling) or its equivalent, in an appropriate field of study from an institution of recognized standing. The minimum GPA requirement for admission to the masters program is 2.75 or equivalent at the Bachelor degree level.

Work Experience

Preference will be given to applicants with a minimum of 2 years of work experience, although fresh graduates with exceptional academic records might be considered for admission.

Letters of Recommendation

Applicants must provide two letters of recommendation from individuals well acquainted with their intellectual abilities, academic performance, and personal character. One of these must be from a faculty member of the university/institution from where the applicant has completed his/her previous degree.

Personal Essays

Applicants must include personal essays on the following along with the application package:

– What are the three most significant reasons for applying to SOM, AIT? (200 words)
– How will your career objectives be enhanced by pursuing MBA at AIT-SOM? (300 words)
– Describe one activity (not related to your profession) in your life that you found most inspirational and why? (500 words)
– Describe one accomplishment of yours that you feel proud of. (300 words)

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